Our Story

Speedman Construction was founded to address a need that today’s market expects – speed.

We believe that time is gold -- the same belief of our customers. Time is valued so much that the notion of “rush” is a norm in all our projects.

We understand that the final output of any project is not the construction per se, but the turnover of the project. It is acceptance of the customer.

Without the customer's approval, all efforts would have been put to waste. And that's where our company is where we focus on.


We strive to continuously complete projects within the agreed timelines. We know that a single day of delay means opportunity lost for you.


Every project is managed by experienced Project Managers or Engineers to ensure that no shortcuts are taken along the way.


High quality is of utmost important to us. We don't simply complete projects fast, but also focus on the quality of work. That includes both materials and people.

Mamaway Philippines Logo

Mamaway Philippines

Mamaway Philippines is the only breastfeeding wear speciality store in Philippines. Its goal is to help take the stress out of breastfeeding, and so that you and your baby can enjoy that special attachment anywhere, any time. We’re proud to say that we were the ones who outfitted Mamaway’s only retail store in 4th…

Maynilad Water Services Logo

Maynilad Water Services

Maynilad Water Services is the water and wastewater services provider for the 17 cities and municipalities that comprise the West Zone of the Metropolitan Manila area. Maynilad has undergone a lot of changes internally — from structure to ownership. But that has only proved to only make it stronger. Today,…

Icings Bakery and Cafe Logo

Icings Bakery and Cafe

Icings Bakery and Cafe is a family-owned business that started out a young girl named Ceyli discovered her family’s secret recipes. Today, Candice, Ceyli’s daughter, is spearheading the expansion of its culinary operations. The heart of every home, the soul of every gathering and the roots of every culture revolve around the dinner…